Friday, November 18, 2011

DIY Tom Binns/Fenton Necklace

It's a second Renaissance!

I'm so bad at maintaininga blog but I'm working on something big right now and I need a medium to showcase said 'big thing." I haven't been working very much these past few weeks so my off-time is spent browsing Ebay for hours, turning the once enjoyable pastime of online shopping into something routine and kind of tedious, pondering my non-existent literary career and catastrophizing my even more imaginary literary future, and stalking the interweb for cool DIY arts and crafts.

I also applied for an ELLE Canada editorial internship and spent a great deal of time studying and editing and fact-checking for their affability test that was due over two weeks ago (one can assume that no replies in a fortnight is as inauspicious as a dyslexic at a spelling bee) and am now left hopelessly yearning for a life spent in the company of make-believe, fawning over the content and the conveyance of my words, surrounded by ineluctable enigmas, and most importantly, working from home and taking extra long breaks for the odd cat nap or two.

But if I can't make it as a writer for the next decade of my stilted youth, maybe I can supplement my writing with something more lucrative, something more shiny and baubly?

Check it:

Yeah, I know, it's a total rip-off of some more well-known jewellery designers but these are the roots of my humble and complacent beginnings. I mean, I can't really afford necklaces that cost over $500 (who am I kidding? I can't afford necklaces that are over $20 right now). Right now I'm content just replicating iconic necklaces. Once I come up with my own ideas, learn how to solder, and take a welding class so I can make my own metal casts, then maybe I'll be ready to earnestly embark on a path a la Dana Lorenz and the girls of Dannijo.

But honestly, if you want me to make you something with your old costume jewellery or even your old crappy jewellery, I will turn it into something exquisite.

This necklace was actually harder to make then one would believe. Well, it was easy but time-consuming. It required a lot of trial and error to get the ideal look. You know how some girls roll out of bed and their hair looks like a rat's nest and some girls get out of bed but then they shower and blow-dry and spend an additional hour to make their hair look "messy" yet copacetic? I feel that this type of necklace is the latter. Crazy but precisely so.
We'll see how long this lasts. 
PS. If you don't like my joke about dyslexia, you probably shouldn't read my blog. I enjoy sarcasm, lewd wordplay and caustic humour.