Friday, March 26, 2010

Ebay ♥ Pleated Cream Dress

Tinroof Vintage

Shear, cream, polyester, pleated minidress. I absolutely love this dress but I won't be bidding for three reasons: 1. it's polyester, 2. the waistline of the dress is one inch too small and 3. the dress length is several inches too short. If I purchased this dress, not only would I have serious trouble bending down but I'd have two guts to worry about.

But I like it because it reminds me of this...


Courtesy of The Sartorialist

As you can see, the red dress is also pleated - I like the knee-length pleats much better. Both are cute dresses that aren't too girly and would look excellent with a fitted blazer and gladiator sandals. I love a minimalist outfit with some complicated shoes.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Orleans

A pair of pink, suede, Louboutin booties I bought at Saks when I was in New Orleans. I thought this photo was fitting with yesterday's post.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Neon pink - Causeway Bay

So I didn't buy anything from the Pedder Warehouse Sale at Times Square. The shoes that stayed on my feet the longest were a pair of pink, metallic, mirroir Louboutin peep-toe pumps, a pair of brown leather, cut-out Rupert Sanderson booties, and a pair of black, satin, wide-strap Stella McCartney pumps. But I didn't love any of them enough.

Necklace-turned-keychain on Candy's bag.

Because Candy and I left empty-handed, we decided to do some more shopping around Causeway Bay. After neither of us bought any shoes, which was the whole point of the night, I decided to take some photos of people outside Sogo.

Sporty but feminine.

A couple that don't look bogged down by their backpacks (only their shopping bags). I like that the girl's not afraid to play with bold colours.


I was worrying too much about the girl in the middle seeing me so I kept moving. What you might make out of the photo is that she's got a giant black tote, is donned in monochromatic grey, and wearing light pink ballet flats, but what you don't see is her grey scarf with giant red skulls all over it. I love a girl who isn't afraid to pair red and pink.


Resort 2010

Let's start the Resort 2010 post with Prada's vibrant silk-scarf sandal.

These shoes ooze spring fiesta. I really want to wear these with a white, Alexander Wang tee and a pair of ripped Current and Elliott jeans. American classic with a little bit of Italian flair.

3.1 Phillip Lim

Lace on lace. I ordered this skirt off Diavolina because the mark-up at Lane Crawford added an extra HK$1000. I love the cream and black and the enlarged lace detail. And what I like about Lim's lace skirt is that it's not the cheap, lightweight polyester lace that you see everywhere but it's a heavy rayon that hangs off the hips rather than clings to it.


I love the heart-arabesque and the contrasting colours of the silk scarf-skirt. The tie-up skirt is such a playful addition to the preppy sweater-look. Prada always mixes different colours and various prints with such panache. Nobody does a more harlequin resort than Miuccia.

Jason Wu

Great combination of orange and yellow against blacks and whites. I also love the subtle technicolour rainbow in the checks of the draped skirt.


Giles' watercolour, silk creations are pieces of art in themselves. What makes this outfit special is the juxtaposition of the cool palette of the small-floral print of the top with the warm palette of the large-floral print of the skirt. I love mixing different prints together and this outfit is such a perfect example of how to mix florals correctly. And it also illustrates the ideal Resort aesthetic, that intermediate period between Winter and Spring/Summer, in that its composition is not as solemn as Fall/Winter but not as happy-go-lucky as Spring/Summer.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ebay ♥ Leather Motorcycle Vest

So something that all of you (potential) readers will learn about me is that I love VINTAGE, not cheap vintage reproductions and not even the cheap polyester/pleather variety of real vintage - no, I'm talking, the good stuff. I know that second-hand/used shopping isn't popular in Hong Kong but it's undeniable that the vintage-inspired look is (just visit any local boutique or H&M store and you will see the myriad, bohemian floral-print dresses and skirts on the racks and the blinding amount of 80s-inspired glam looks and power blazers).

Hipster's Playground Vintage

I would love to wear this vintage black, leather, motorcycle vest with something more feminine from one of the Resort 2010 lines (to be featured in my next post). I like that it's sleeveless and not cropped like every other "motorcycle" jacket out there. This one's much more badass.


Pedder 2010 Warehouse Sale

Pedder is having a warehouse sale on designer shoes, bags, and accessories at up to 80% off in Causeway Bay.
I'll try to make it out tomorrow and I will post photos of my purchases (if any, March has been a tight month) and please send photos of your own purchases! I'd love to see what smart shoppers scavenge. Good luck!


Shannon's 22nd Birthday

Photos taken in 2009, in London, Ontario.
I've taken a liking to Shannon's bust.
Cupcakes and red wine.
Beautiful ladies in vintage and cigarettes.
Left: Silk, pink, Club Monaco dress with taupe floral print, vintage brown flats and vintage leather satchel.
Right: Vintage, blue, velvet, pencil skirt (rest unknown).


The Birth of a Blog