Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ebay ♥ Supascoopa4

CHECK OUT MY AUCTIONS ON EBAY!! I'm selling a whole lot of antique jewellery, some make-up items from NARS and some miscellaneous items as well. All auctions end Saturday, April 2. If you miss any of the auctions, I add items all the time so be sure to check back soon for awesome, new stuff! The next lot will include lots more vintage jewellery, vintage clothes and designer items from Marc by Marc Jacobs, Club Monaco, BCBG, Sergio Rossi, and more!!!!

Some popular items going right now:

Milk glass necklace w/ hand-painted floral beads

Signed CORO pearl and rhinestone brooch

Gold rhinestone brooch

Silver aurora borealis rhinestone brooch

Gold red enamel and rhinestone flower brooch

Spanish gold filigree fan brooch

Silver tourmaline and rhinestone ring


Katy Perry E.T.

I just watched Katy Perry's video for her new single, E.T, and I kind of like the song. I'm not a huge pop fan although I do enjoy the occasional dance-pop hit. I just think the video's cool, especially Perry's hair and make-up. I don't like all of Perry's frothy, cutesy, kitschy costumes that she usually dons. She looks spectacular in this video though.

Some screen captures:


Monday, March 28, 2011

Make-up Haul

Some products I've purchased over the past few months:

Glossimer in Erotic 
 (It is really as pink on the lips as it is in the tube! I'll have to do a swatch of this some time)

Kissable Lipcolour in Love Peck 
Kissable Lipcolour in Exxhibitionist
Dazzleglass Creme in Do it Up
Dazzleglass Creme in Totally Fab

Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Red Square
Lip Gloss in Bilitis (on sale now on Ebay - bidding ends Apr 02 @ 15:16 PDT)
Lip Gloss in Babe
Lip Gloss in Bloodwork

Eyeshadow Palette in 9947
Blush Duo in Hungry Heart
Eyeshadow Duo in Rajasthan

Eyeshadow Palette in 9947
From left to right
Top: Kilimanjaro, Bohemian Gold II, Surabaya II
Bottom: Himalayas, Ondine, Night Flight

Here's another, better photo, courtesy of Latin Minx 79. (My camera is broken so I borrowed my mom's and hers isn't very good).

My cat being curious.

My cat admiring himself. 

Blush Duo in Hungry Heart

These are swatches done on my hand. I noticed that the consensus of reviews on the internet are negative and claim that this product is just a glorified glitter. The two colours aren't very different from one another and when applied, they only provide a faint coat of micro-glitter. BUT...this is what I love about it! The micro-glitter is so pretty! It looks great pretty much anywhere on the face or body.

  My cat being curious again.

Eyeshadow Duo in Rajasthan

Again, look how crappy the photo is. Plus, my pan is just a mess!

So I borrowed this photo from Temptalia, who always takes spectacular product photos!
The quality of this eyeshadow is really sub-par for me, which is probably why my pan is so gross. I have to dig into it about 7 or 8 times just to get an even coat of colour on my eyelids, and of course that results in tons of fall-out. Even applied wet, it doesn't work for me. But I just love the colour so much that I refuse to give up on it. I will swatch these at a later time...perhaps when I get a new eyeshadow primer to show you the difference in application.

Lipstick in #37 (coral pink)
Glitter in #11 (gold sand)
Star Powder in #947 (iridescent white-peach-pink)

And finally some more pics of Snowball!

Happy Monday!