Friday, November 18, 2011

DIY Tom Binns/Fenton Necklace

It's a second Renaissance!

I'm so bad at maintaininga blog but I'm working on something big right now and I need a medium to showcase said 'big thing." I haven't been working very much these past few weeks so my off-time is spent browsing Ebay for hours, turning the once enjoyable pastime of online shopping into something routine and kind of tedious, pondering my non-existent literary career and catastrophizing my even more imaginary literary future, and stalking the interweb for cool DIY arts and crafts.

I also applied for an ELLE Canada editorial internship and spent a great deal of time studying and editing and fact-checking for their affability test that was due over two weeks ago (one can assume that no replies in a fortnight is as inauspicious as a dyslexic at a spelling bee) and am now left hopelessly yearning for a life spent in the company of make-believe, fawning over the content and the conveyance of my words, surrounded by ineluctable enigmas, and most importantly, working from home and taking extra long breaks for the odd cat nap or two.

But if I can't make it as a writer for the next decade of my stilted youth, maybe I can supplement my writing with something more lucrative, something more shiny and baubly?

Check it:

Yeah, I know, it's a total rip-off of some more well-known jewellery designers but these are the roots of my humble and complacent beginnings. I mean, I can't really afford necklaces that cost over $500 (who am I kidding? I can't afford necklaces that are over $20 right now). Right now I'm content just replicating iconic necklaces. Once I come up with my own ideas, learn how to solder, and take a welding class so I can make my own metal casts, then maybe I'll be ready to earnestly embark on a path a la Dana Lorenz and the girls of Dannijo.

But honestly, if you want me to make you something with your old costume jewellery or even your old crappy jewellery, I will turn it into something exquisite.

This necklace was actually harder to make then one would believe. Well, it was easy but time-consuming. It required a lot of trial and error to get the ideal look. You know how some girls roll out of bed and their hair looks like a rat's nest and some girls get out of bed but then they shower and blow-dry and spend an additional hour to make their hair look "messy" yet copacetic? I feel that this type of necklace is the latter. Crazy but precisely so.
We'll see how long this lasts. 
PS. If you don't like my joke about dyslexia, you probably shouldn't read my blog. I enjoy sarcasm, lewd wordplay and caustic humour.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Aritzia Haul

Not feeling well so I'm just going to post some stuff I bought recently for my trip to Mexico next month. I'm excited but all I can utter is a lacklustre "yay."


Jersey bustier tank in Victoria Blue (the blue is much deeper - closer to cobalt)

Washed silk shorts in Black

T. Babaton

Silk georgette kimono in Black/Cinder


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Riviera Maya, Mexico

So this is what I did the other day. I was bored. But I was and still am incredibly excited for my vacation to Mexico!

I love drawing but I'm not very good. I'm great at imitation, especially when it comes to lettering, abstract images, and shapes but awful at doing real life. Here's the progression of what I was doing to kill time:

What if I didn't think I knew it at all?


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Amber Heard in Playboy (not the magazine)

NYMag just posted a slideshow of 25 upcoming pilots for the 2011-12 season and I'm looking forward to a whole bunch of them (the usual police procedurals). One of these pilots titled Playboy stars Amber Heard and it looks cheeky albeit a little bit cheesy. Here's how NYMag describes it:

"Mad Men–era setting + premium-cable risqué content (the actors have nudity clauses in their contracts) + mainstream-appealing plot twists (murder by stiletto) = entertainment."

Since it's on network television (NBC), it doesn't have the opportunity to be nearly as smart and sexy as it could be. I have a feeling it will just be a lot of kitsch an glamour and not a lot of substance but I will tune in in the fall nonetheless. I love Amber Heard and want to see what she brings to her character.

And just look at how adorable she is in her bunny costume! She's as cute as a button!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Leighton Meester for Nylon

(This post is from over a month ago)

Just read part of Leighton Meester's interview for the February 2011 issue of Nylon. I'll post a Girl Crush post on her soon.

I love Leighton Meester. Well, I love her on Gossip Girl at least. I'm not sure if I'm a big fan of her other movies and her musical pursuits but I think she plays a mean queen bee. I just think she's classically gorgeous and that she has the unadulterated beauty of a young Ava Gardner or a Lauren Bacall. They all have stunning faces that emote so much. (Everyone who watches Gossip Girl knows that Blair Waldorf's glassy eyes and lip quivers are the shows principle moments of acting gravitas).

I think I'm someone who should love Nylon: it's cheeky, it's edgy, it doesn't take itself as seriously as other fashion magazines, and it celebrates non-mainstream culture in addition to clothes - so basically, it's hipster-bait - but I never got into it. I think it might've been because I found it too cool for me, like Purple Magazine or something.


Crazy Stupid Love

I want to see this! (The quality is better than the video I've posted after the jump)

I hate romantic comedies (the Katherine Heigl/Jennifer Aniston/Kate Hudson/Drew Barrymore types) but love the quirky quasi-indie ones like Sidewalks of New York, some Woody Allen films and A Fish Called Wanda (although I wouldn't really classify the last one as a romantic comedy). Crazy Stupid Love looks like a funny but cute rom-com that I think I'd like. I love Emma Stone, plus it's got an A+ cast. I'm not a Ryan Gosling fan but he looks pretty sexy. I love a man in a suit.

Speaking of indie rom-coms, I'm also looking forward to The Oranges.


PS. I lied. There is ONE Drew Barrymore rom-com I like, and that's Going the Distance. It's super raunchy and actually funny though.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Prada flats

I just bought these Prada flats off Ebay the other day! They're super cute but they're a little bit big. I already knew that Prada shoes fit a little big and I also anticipated them being stretched out since they were used but my 35.5 shoes make my feet look like clown feet. Oh well...they're not as bad as my Louboutin 36 flats that needed an elastic strap installed just so they could stay on my feet.

I love pink and orange!

They're from the Resort 2007 collection. I also really love those royal blue peep-toe d'Orsay flats in the ad. Hopefully I'll get lucky on Ebay again.


Trend: Transparent Accessories

Remember this lucite clutch from Fendi's Spring 2010 collection?

I fell in love with it but I could never pull it off. You should see the interior of my purse: it's a mess. I don't know how one would pull of a transparent clutch elegantly especially when the contents are entirely visible. Here are other ways to adopt the transparent trend without going overboard.

Napa leather patent captoe pump w/ Lucite pedestal heel

Fendi did Lucite heels for Spring 2010 as well but they look like your standard stripper heel (you know, with the transparent platform?) I love  Chloé's version. The body of the shoe is this very classy and traditional pump while the clear heel adds a bit of sauciness to it.

 Wood and Plexiglass bangle

I don't know if this trend is here to stay though. What do you think?


Trend: Water Colours

I love when fashion resembles art: architectural fabrics, gesso-like textures, whirlwind colours and optical illusions. So of course, I'm loving the water colour trend right now. These items look as if they've had the gentle touch of a paint brush glide over them as if the fabric were a canvas.

Silk spandex draped dress w/ woven belt 
(Neiman Marcus describes the dress as silk/spandex and Bloomingdale's describes it as georgette and its content as polyester)

I'm absolutely in love with this Ali Ro dress. I just love colour and draping.

Jersey racerback tank 

Washed silk dress

Washed silk pocket tank

Crepe de chine silk strapless gown

Pre-Fall 2011

Fall 2011
And the trend continues on into Fall! I just love Erdem's prints. Erdem is truly the most artsy-fartsy of all designer brands out there. Some of the prints look like they belong on a canvas at The Met.

The Matthew Williamson number is from awhile back but it just looks so gorgeous on Thandie Newton that I thought I'd include it with this post. Also check out Giles' water colour-inspired looks from Resort 2010. I suppose the lesson is that you just can never go wrong with painterly brights.


Friday, April 1, 2011

Ebay ♥ Brights

It's spring and I want to look like I could belong in one of Carmen Miranda's hats!

I like blacks and neutrals even though if you were to look in my closet, you would see a cornucopia of electric hues and crazy-ass prints. I stick to a simple colour palette but I just love colour and collecting pretty clothes and Ebay is a mecca for colour. Seriously, I love how I can type so many permutations of one colour and get so many results.

Take pink, for instance. You know how when you go into a store and you're looking for something specific but whatever you find just isn't quite the exact colour you want? When I do a pink search on Ebay, I usually do pink, coral pink, salmon, blush, fuchsia pink, neon pink, bright pink, rose pink and dusty rose. That way, no matter how specific my colour is, I'm sure to pass something that suits my meticulous pink needs.

Anyway, here are a bunch of cool bright-coloured items I've stumbled upon over the past few weeks, some of which are still up for auction.

Seafoam green suede leather minidress
SOLD for $183.49

Orange linen cotton top w/ cut-out back
SOLD for $51.00  


Purple structured wool blazer
Bidding until Apr 03 @ 21:00 PDT

Salmon coral rayon blend high waist trousers
Bidding until Apr 03 @21:00 PDT

Plaid paper thin cotton button-shirt
Bidding until Apr 03 @ 21:00 PDT

Yellow drapey poly-rayon blazer
SOLD for $31.00

Hot pink leather high waisted shorts
SOLD for $33.04

Cobalt blue silk high waisted shorts
SOLD for $41.00

I wish I could buy EVERYTHING but I'm going on vacation in May and I'm trying to be good and save my moolah. Money will come in handy when I want a massage on the beach or take a day-trip to the Mayan ruins.


Millie Brown vomit art

It's not as gross as it sounds, I promise

At first I thought the medium was actual vomit and I was immediately unimpressed. I don't understand society's obsession with scatology as somehow being avant-garde. I do not think that shit or urine or any other bodily excretion automatically equals "art" or boundary-pushing art, for that matter.

(Side note: I was writing my Master's thesis on scatology and shit in literature - don't call me a hypocrite yet - but my point was that stuff like poo and pee are specifically NOT radical and innovative. Scatology is a trope for the basest and most banal modes of human expression)

Instead, the artist, Millie Brown, sips coloured milk and regurgitates them back onto a canvas, creating bright, asymmetrical Rorschach-like paintings. She also videotapes the process, transforming the static painting into a dynamic performance art piece. (Do you buy it?)

All photos courtesy of Buzzfeed

The artwork featured is called Nexus Vomitus and it goes for US$2,400. As cool as I think it is, I could make that myself for under $50. 


Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ebay ♥ Supascoopa4

CHECK OUT MY AUCTIONS ON EBAY!! I'm selling a whole lot of antique jewellery, some make-up items from NARS and some miscellaneous items as well. All auctions end Saturday, April 2. If you miss any of the auctions, I add items all the time so be sure to check back soon for awesome, new stuff! The next lot will include lots more vintage jewellery, vintage clothes and designer items from Marc by Marc Jacobs, Club Monaco, BCBG, Sergio Rossi, and more!!!!

Some popular items going right now:

Milk glass necklace w/ hand-painted floral beads

Signed CORO pearl and rhinestone brooch

Gold rhinestone brooch

Silver aurora borealis rhinestone brooch

Gold red enamel and rhinestone flower brooch

Spanish gold filigree fan brooch

Silver tourmaline and rhinestone ring


Katy Perry E.T.

I just watched Katy Perry's video for her new single, E.T, and I kind of like the song. I'm not a huge pop fan although I do enjoy the occasional dance-pop hit. I just think the video's cool, especially Perry's hair and make-up. I don't like all of Perry's frothy, cutesy, kitschy costumes that she usually dons. She looks spectacular in this video though.

Some screen captures: