Monday, March 22, 2010

Resort 2010

Let's start the Resort 2010 post with Prada's vibrant silk-scarf sandal.

These shoes ooze spring fiesta. I really want to wear these with a white, Alexander Wang tee and a pair of ripped Current and Elliott jeans. American classic with a little bit of Italian flair.

3.1 Phillip Lim

Lace on lace. I ordered this skirt off Diavolina because the mark-up at Lane Crawford added an extra HK$1000. I love the cream and black and the enlarged lace detail. And what I like about Lim's lace skirt is that it's not the cheap, lightweight polyester lace that you see everywhere but it's a heavy rayon that hangs off the hips rather than clings to it.


I love the heart-arabesque and the contrasting colours of the silk scarf-skirt. The tie-up skirt is such a playful addition to the preppy sweater-look. Prada always mixes different colours and various prints with such panache. Nobody does a more harlequin resort than Miuccia.

Jason Wu

Great combination of orange and yellow against blacks and whites. I also love the subtle technicolour rainbow in the checks of the draped skirt.


Giles' watercolour, silk creations are pieces of art in themselves. What makes this outfit special is the juxtaposition of the cool palette of the small-floral print of the top with the warm palette of the large-floral print of the skirt. I love mixing different prints together and this outfit is such a perfect example of how to mix florals correctly. And it also illustrates the ideal Resort aesthetic, that intermediate period between Winter and Spring/Summer, in that its composition is not as solemn as Fall/Winter but not as happy-go-lucky as Spring/Summer.


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  1. Wow that Prada shoe is really beautiful! Loves!