Friday, January 21, 2011

Bleed for Fashion

Since I couldn't sleep, I decided to marathon through every post on Lily's blog, Bleed for Fashion while eating toast. This blog is amazing. It's sparse, personal but not heart-on-the-sleeve torrential, has beautiful fashion-centric photos but isn't weighted down by dozens of similar looking photos of the blogger-cum-model, and it's especially effective because I see Lily as a swankier, better-dressed version of myself. (I'm a writer and have come to terms with the fact that I will never be wealthy in life, which is ok. I prefer insatiable desire to insatiable greed). We like the same brands, have the same styles, same hair, same dysfunctional personalities, same loves and same peeves, same attitude, and same views on life.....

And yes, I got all of that from an hour and a half's worth of blog-reading. All her outfits are A+ so instead of picking the highlights, I picked the looks that I'm craving for now.

Wilfred blouse

Gucci booties

Wilfred shredded tee

I'm LOVING this lavender colour and the amount of sheerness to the fabric!

American Apparel raglan top

Siwy sequin leggings

Stella McCartney mesh heels

Nasty Gal leopard maxi skirt

American Apparel tights

Gucci ankle boot

H&M motorcycle jacket

Silence & Noise corsetry bra

Armor Jewelry body chain

Tom Ford sunglasses

Talula Babaton blazer

Le Fou by Wilfred blouse and pants

(I swear, I didn't just pick this outfit because I now work for Aritzia. I really love Wilfred's blouses and how Lily transforms the simplest light blouse into a badass outfit).

Alice + Olivia beaded crochet shrug

Alexander Wang tank

Citizens of Humanity jeans

Christian Louboutin ankle boots

Gucci sandals

Club Monaco blazer, shirt, sweater, and red tie

Christan Louboutin pumps
Christan Louboutin studded pumps


I kid about this girl being my doppelganger. I know nothing about her. I kid because I envy her shoe collection and her seemingly infinite supply of soft, slouchy t-shirts.

It's 7am now and it's about time for some more toast.


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