Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jersey Shore

So my boyfriend's gone back to Pennsylvania and I'm alone again. I'm in no mood to make a real post. Plus, my Macbook adapter is broken AGAIN. All I can do now is reminisce about the summer before Craig and I both left Canada, he for the US and me for Hong Kong, and our road trip to Atlantic City. Why we decided to go to the Jersey Shore for our last [edit: penultimate] weekend together, I don't know. We took a risk on each other and thought we'd project that attitude on ourselves at the casinos?

And now we resign ourselves to watching Jersey Shore together on Thursday evenings.

An old couple I saw walking together along the beach.

I hope that we can be that happy one day.

I know we will. 
Now if only my fucking adapter would stop breaking on me, I'd be even happier.


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