Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ebay ♥ Errol Flynn

I just received my most recent clothing purchases - one coat and one cape - from Errol Flynn on Ebay! I'm just going to post the site's model photos because I want to make some alterations to the pieces before I model them myself.

Wool camel trench coat  

The arms are a bit big so I'm going to take those in.
Wool navy military cape w/ mustard lining

I really love this colour combo. The cape, however, is incredibly long so I'm thinking of chopping it in half and using the extra material to somehow turn it into this cape from Maki Maki...

Wool aubergine cape w/ red lining

I was in LOVE with this cape - the cut, the style, the colours - when it went up for auction but when the bidding went over $300, I had to tell myself to stop because I just couldn't afford it. It's really unique and although I won't try to replicate it entirely, I hope that it will look as amazing as this one.

I can't wait to wear these!

All photos courtesy of Errol Flynn except for the last one, which is from Maki Maki.


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