Sunday, January 16, 2011

Trend: Back Cleavage

I wasn't endowed with the greatest chest so I've always been attracted to the types of cleavage created by other parts of the body. When I was younger, it was butt cleavage, when I stared to love shoes, it was toe cleavage, and recently, I've been obsessed with back cleavage. Technically, it's not really cleavage but it certainly is bare and way more exposed than the front could ever be.

I find a woman's back extremely sexy - the curvature of the spine far more complex and nuanced than the rotundity (or lack thereof) of the barbarian breasts. I love the subversion of an open back. You see someone wearing what might look like a simple sheath dress or simple gown and then once they turn around, they surprise you with a slab of skin.

Club Monaco


Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent

Mara Hoffman

Literature Noir

Nicole Miller

under.ligne by doo.ri

Society for Rational Dress

Vintage, from a la Ladywolf

This trend is popping up everywhere, from vintage dresses to contemporary and designer clothing. It's no wonder since it's pretty flattering on most body types. I'll definitely be watching out for exposed backs at tonight's Golden Globe. Celebrities love to do the show and turn for red carpet cameras.


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