Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ebay ♥ Best of: FUR

I love ebay (as a buyer - selling can be a hassle a lot of the times) and one thing I want to provide for you guys out there are unique items that I find on the online auction site. I love clothes but not all clothes love me and I don't want a fabulous item to either go to waste or worse, go to someone who won't treasure it. I'll often post amazing finds from my favorite sellers on here. Today, I'm going to start with fur coats.

I was never a huge fan of fur coats - both real and faux - but a few months ago, around the time the snow began to blanket every inch of concrete and soil, I was checking out at the grocery store when I saw a septuagenarian lady pull up behind me and begin to load her items onto the conveyor belt. Except...her getup turned the mundane activity of grocery shopping into a chic tableau. She had on leather gloves, a hat, and a giant fur coat. While I was freezing in my thin wool coat, she looked stylish AND warm wrapped up under all that animal.

So here are some of the best coats and suppliers out there:

Maki Maki Vintage

Maki Maki has a lot of great items. The people who run this sight are very selective with their products. They are always very unique, high quality, and highly coveted. Bidding prices can get very high!

Brown leather jacket w/ crystal fox fur collar

Bidding until Jan 23 @ 19:20 PST

Bidding until Jan 13 @ 19:04 PST

american archive
american archive has a HUGE selection of fur coats and everything else under the sun. But as their name suggests, their clothes have a true retro-americana feel to them.

Long mahogany mink coat

Bidding until Jan 19 @ 19:33 PST

Blonde goat fur bolero jacket w/ bell sleeves

Bidding until Jan 26 @ 19:16 PST

As you may notice, thriftwares has a wide variety of jackets, coats, boleros, shrugs, what-have-you, and not only in outerwear. Their selection is pretty amazing. 

Mahogany mink coat w/ large collar

Bidding until Jan 20 @ 20:50 PST

Bidding until Jan 20 @ 20:50 PST

Bidding until Jan 20 @ 20:50 PST

 White and black chevron mink fur and leather jacket

Bidding until Jan 27 @ 21:07 PST

Bidding until Jan 27 @ 21:16 PST

indie cult vintage

indie cult vintage is vintage mecca. I didn't count but they probably have over two dozen fur coats alone and lots of other items. The convertible fox fur coat is one of the most amazing items I've ever seen. It can be worn at least 6 (count 'em, 6!) - different ways: full length, midi length, mini length, large cape, bolero, and smaller stole. Amazing.

Taupe wool coat w/ Persian lamb fur collar and trim

Bidding until Jan 20 @ 20:04 PST

CONVERTIBLE Arctic silver fox fur coat

Bidding until Jan 27 @ 19:58 PST

And for those who are against the use of fur, check out Mama Stone for their range of faux fur coats.

Faux snow leopard fur jacket 

Bidding until Jan 24 @ 19:26 PST

Grey suede jacket w/ faux fur collar and trim

Bidding until Jan 24 @ 19:21 PST

Bidding until Jan 24 @ 19:27 PST

One day I should invest in a good fur coat, but for now, I'll leave that to you guys.

All photos courtesy of the respective Ebay store websites.


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