Friday, April 1, 2011

Ebay ♥ Brights

It's spring and I want to look like I could belong in one of Carmen Miranda's hats!

I like blacks and neutrals even though if you were to look in my closet, you would see a cornucopia of electric hues and crazy-ass prints. I stick to a simple colour palette but I just love colour and collecting pretty clothes and Ebay is a mecca for colour. Seriously, I love how I can type so many permutations of one colour and get so many results.

Take pink, for instance. You know how when you go into a store and you're looking for something specific but whatever you find just isn't quite the exact colour you want? When I do a pink search on Ebay, I usually do pink, coral pink, salmon, blush, fuchsia pink, neon pink, bright pink, rose pink and dusty rose. That way, no matter how specific my colour is, I'm sure to pass something that suits my meticulous pink needs.

Anyway, here are a bunch of cool bright-coloured items I've stumbled upon over the past few weeks, some of which are still up for auction.

Seafoam green suede leather minidress
SOLD for $183.49

Orange linen cotton top w/ cut-out back
SOLD for $51.00  


Purple structured wool blazer
Bidding until Apr 03 @ 21:00 PDT

Salmon coral rayon blend high waist trousers
Bidding until Apr 03 @21:00 PDT

Plaid paper thin cotton button-shirt
Bidding until Apr 03 @ 21:00 PDT

Yellow drapey poly-rayon blazer
SOLD for $31.00

Hot pink leather high waisted shorts
SOLD for $33.04

Cobalt blue silk high waisted shorts
SOLD for $41.00

I wish I could buy EVERYTHING but I'm going on vacation in May and I'm trying to be good and save my moolah. Money will come in handy when I want a massage on the beach or take a day-trip to the Mayan ruins.


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