Friday, April 1, 2011

Millie Brown vomit art

It's not as gross as it sounds, I promise

At first I thought the medium was actual vomit and I was immediately unimpressed. I don't understand society's obsession with scatology as somehow being avant-garde. I do not think that shit or urine or any other bodily excretion automatically equals "art" or boundary-pushing art, for that matter.

(Side note: I was writing my Master's thesis on scatology and shit in literature - don't call me a hypocrite yet - but my point was that stuff like poo and pee are specifically NOT radical and innovative. Scatology is a trope for the basest and most banal modes of human expression)

Instead, the artist, Millie Brown, sips coloured milk and regurgitates them back onto a canvas, creating bright, asymmetrical Rorschach-like paintings. She also videotapes the process, transforming the static painting into a dynamic performance art piece. (Do you buy it?)

All photos courtesy of Buzzfeed

The artwork featured is called Nexus Vomitus and it goes for US$2,400. As cool as I think it is, I could make that myself for under $50. 


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