Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I was in Toronto recently and I decided to check out Zara. Back in Hong Kong, I frequented Zara a lot, just because along with H&M, it was everywhere. Here in London, however, I rarely stumble across anything because if I want to go shopping, I have to plan it and then drive there. Plus, we don't have Zara and the only H&M is far and looks as if it only gets all the castaways from the cooler stores.

Anyway, I saw a lot of really great stuff! I forgot how stylish and trendy Zara could be. Nevertheless, I tried a bunch of stuff on and none of it looked as good on as it did on the rack. And then I remembered. Zara's quality is cheap and the fit is really off. Its clothes only look good on racks, therefore, they only look good on 6 feet, size 0 models. Take a look for yourself.

I LOVE the colours in the Spring collection but they really should do something about sizing.

I fell in love with the lamb leather mini-skirt but the zipper was broken and I didn't feel like getting another one because I was so disappointed from what was already in the change room. Has anyone else had bad luck with Zara?


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