Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ebay ♥ Jewellery: Cuffs

I like my jewellery like I like my paper weights: heavy. The chunkier, the better. I really can't stand pendant necklaces, itty-bitty charm bracelets or anything that needs a magnifying glass to be seen. I also am not a fan of modern jewellery and how even their larger statement pieces are made with cheap and light flimsy materials, so I do a lot of my jewellery buying at antique shops or estate sales.

Recently I've been getting back into giant cuffs. My favourite vintage snake cuff is losing some of its stones so I'm trying not to wear it out as much but I recently got this Club Monaco fish-scale cuff for a HUGE bargain and wear it all the time.

I've also found a lot of cool cuffs on Ebay and wanna share them with you. Unfortunately, since I stumbled upon all these auctions when my computer was unusable, the auctions are all over but I still wanna show you the selection of stuff that's out there.

I also won this copper cuff w/ black rubberize backing for $15.50

Chunky filigree pot metal bracelet w/ purple rhinestones and faux pearls
SOLD for $26

1950s copper "Rhythm" clamper, signed Renoir
SOLD for $39.51

Whiting Davis faceted topaz crystal cuff bracelet
SOLD for $43

Heavy gold-tone Vendome cuff
SOLD for $12.73

 Mexico sterling shrimp clamper cuff w/ amethyst eyes, signed Taxco
SOLD for $181.29

Brass nouveau filigree cuff
SOLD for $111.38


Iridescent geometrical bangle bracelet
Until Apr 19 @ 18:09 PDT

As you can see, there's a little something for everyone.


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