Monday, February 14, 2011


I got some more things from Aritzia after work today. I've begun to realize that having a job and working in retail cancel each other out. I'll work 8 hours for minimum wage and then blow $200 on clothes. I guess that's what employment is for...making minimum payments on a credit card.

With that being said...I love my new items!

 Wilfred lace dress w/ silk slip
Wilfred silk Loti kimono

 The Wilfred kimono as a blouse

The lace dress is from the Fall collection and the kimono is a new Spring item. I can't wait to wear the detachable slip as well! I have a few pieces that require a slip. (They sell polyester slips everywhere but I only wanted silk). 

Thank god I don't have a perfect figure. I think I brought about 20 things with me into the change room but because I have an awkward figure, most of the things didn't suit me and I only ended up getting 2 (and wanting about 6). If I was tall, thin, and had a nice rack, pretty much everything would look good on me but since I'm none of those things, I have to be more selective. 

I tend not to buy:

1. Anything that makes me look fat.
2. Anything that makes me look short.
3. Anything that doesn't fit PERFECTLY. I have way too many items in my closet that just sort-of-fit.
4. Anything that makes me look yellow.
5. Anything that accentuates body parts OTHER THAN my boobs.
6. Anything trendy.
7. Anything that I don't absolutely LOVE.

You'd think that some of these rules were common sense but no, some people don't get it. Case in point, #5. WHO WOULD WEAR THIS?

This dress has made a 6 foot, size double 0 model look fat and frumpy!! And this dress is by Prada. PRADA! For fuck's sakes.

First two photos courtesy of Aritzia and last photo courtesy of Exotic Excess.


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