Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lawrence Alma-Tadema

 I love oil paintings and my favourite painter of all time has to be nineteenth-century, realist painter, Lawrence Alma-Tadema (1836-1912). He's not a very popular painter and I've only seen one of his works at the Museum of Philadelphia but his neo-classicist style speaks more to me than anything else I've ever seen. I'm not a huge fan of contemporary art and I miss the excruciating detail and real talent that used to go into paintings before someone stuck a toilet in a museum or drew a couple of geometric lines and decided to call it art.

 A Favourite Custom (1909)

 Unconscious Rivals (1893)

 Silver Favourites (1903)

 Anthony and Cleopatra (1885)

 Caracalla and Geta (1907)

The Baths at Caracalla (1989)

The Roses of Heliogabalus (1888)

This last painting is my favourite piece of artwork ever. Legend has it that Alma-Tadema ordered giant shipments of roses from a faraway locale so he could get the petals just right and every time the flowers died, he'd order more so that he could always paint fresh velvety petals.

I do not consider Kim Kardashian's nude cover of W Magazine's "Art Issue" art, no matter how much the magazine tries to assert us that it is.

If Kim Kardashian Take Her Clothes off - Is it Art? -- The Atlantic Wire


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