Monday, February 28, 2011

Amber Heard for NYMag

So I haven't posted in about a week because I've been having some computer issues. Some time last weekend, my computer began making really bizarre noises every time I tilted it or moved it. It was an intermittent crackling sound; it kind of sounded like one of those wooden rain makers. Anyway, I took it to the shop and it turns out there was a problem with my hard drive so they replaced it with a brand-spanking new one.

I'll be dedicating the week to transferring all the miscellany I saved on my back-up drive to my new hard drive so I probably won't be posting anything for awhile. I'll leave you guys with a brief, little interview that Amber Heard did for NYMag a few days ago. It's really just more proof to add to the already sanctioned opinion that Amber Heard is one cool chick. I, for one, don't know much about vintage, American muscle cars but I imagine that knowing something about it lends a girl a little bit of credence.


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