Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tasya van Ree Part 1: Les femmes

So my girl crush continues...except now I suspect there's a bit of transference from Amber Heard onto her artist/photographer girlfriend, Tasya van Ree. This is honestly the hottest couple I've ever seen.

Amber's a gorgeous blonde sex kitten and Tasya is a totally hot, cool alternative chick. If lesbians could procreate, their children would be little stunners. The boys wouldn't stand a chance.

This post focuses on Tasya's photography on women. I don't know much about photography but I love the playful, voyeuristic aspect about them; it seems as if Tasya celebrates rather than denigrates the gaze. Nudes are meant to be gawked at an admired.

You'll also notice that several of the photos feature Amber in them.

First photo courtesy of Just Jared. All other photos courtesy of Tasya van Ree.


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