Friday, February 4, 2011

Girl Crush ♥ Amber Heard

I'm crushing hard on Amber Heard these days, which works out for me since she's into girls as well. 
Unfortunately for me (and my boyfriend), she's in a long term relationship with photographer Tasya van Ree - more on her later).
 Amber Heard on left, Tasya van Ree on right

Heard, whom I remember as Lila Archer, the Hollywood starlet in the first season of Criminal Minds who crushes on Matthew Grey Gubler, and Jesse Eisenberg's neighbour-cum-love-interest-turned zombie, #406 in Zombieland, appears in the new movie, Drive Angry with Nicolas Cage, and also in an upcoming movie with Leighton Meester (my other current girl crush).

By Tasya van Ree

I think she's incredibly hot and I love that she's a lesbian and championer of gay rights. Read her interview with GLAAD here.

First photo courtesy of Tasya van Ree and second photo courtesy of Insane Mom.


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